Exhibition curator: Dr. Michael Eisenberg, Zinman Institute of Archeology

Haifa University

Opening Exhibition: December 2017

The ancient city of Susitha lies on Mount Susitha, about two kilometers east of the Sea of ​​Galilee, between the eastern Sea of ​​Galilee and the southwestern Golan Heights. In the south and the Noah River to the east. Only at one point, in the southeastern mountain, does a natural saddle attach to the level of the mountain and allow a convenient passage into the city.

Curator and Preface by : Ofra Rimon

In 66 CE, the Jewish revolt against Roman rule broke out. Four years later, in 70 CE, Jerusalem and the Temple lay in ruins. Three years after that, the Masada stronghold, in which the last of the Jewish insurgents fortified themselves, fell. The revolt was suppressed – the iron hand of the Roman military wrought havoc and destruction among the rebellious Jewish settlements. Thousands of Jews were put to death and thousands more were sold into slavery. 

Exhibition curators: Prof. Guy Bar-Oz, Dr. Lior Weisbrod, Roy Shapir
Opening of the exhibition: May 2015

Preface: Ofra Rimon

The exhibition "The Wisdom of Ancient Bones – Archaeo-Zoological Research" is the fruit of a collaboration between the Hecht Museum and the Archaeo-Zoological Laboratory of the Faculty of Archaeology at the University of Haifa.

The 1999 exhibition "Depiction of Animals from the Leo Mildenberg Collection" focused on the representation of animals in ancient art.