Michmanim 28

michmanim 28 eng


Yotam Tepper and Guy Bar-Oz – Introduction

Tali Erickson-Gini and Ami Oach – The Es Sbaita (Shivta) Visitors Book, 1934-1937: Negev Archaeology in British Mandate Palestine

Emma Maayan-Fanar – A Figurative Bone Plaque from Shivta

Yigal Sitry and Dafna Langgut – Wooden Objects from the Colt Collection – Shivta

Ravit Linn, Avner Ecker and Yotam Tepper – New Investigation of Unpublished Painted Plaster Fragments with Greek Inscriptions from Colt's Excavation at Shivta

English abstracts of the articles in Hebrew

Michael Peleg and Yotam Tepper – Mysteries in the Desert: The Archaeological Finds of Colt’s Expedition at Shivta

Etan Ayalon – Bone and Ivory Objects from Colt’s Excavations at Shivta

Ayelet Tatcher, Yotam Tepper and Etan Ayalon – Metal, Stone, Ceramic and Glass Objects from Colt`s Excavations at Shivta

Shlomi Cazes and Yotam Tepper – Metal Cymbals from Shivta 

Naama Sukenik – Lamp Wick from Shivta

Nitzan Amitai-Preiss, Yotam Tepper and Ravit Linn – Deciphering early Arabic Texts on Eight-and Ninth-Century CE Ostrac from the Colt Expedition Findings in Shivta 

Yotam Tepper – The Archaeological Findings from the “Forgotten Suitcase” in Context: In Light of the Colt Excavations at Shivta