Michmanim 27 – Hippos of the Decapolis and its Region, 18 Years of Research

michmanim 27 eng


Shunit Netter-Marmelstein – Preface

Michael Eisenberg – Editor's Forward

A Geo-Spatial Study of the Chora of Antiochia Hippos from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine Periods – Adam Pažout

The Northeast Insula and Late Antique Christianity at Hippos Palaistinēs – Mark Schuler

English abstracts of the articles in Hebrew

The Current State of Research of Antiochia Hippos – Michael Eisenberg

Hippos-Sussita: Urban Plan and City Landscape – Arthur Segal

Historical Earthquakes in Northern Israel and their Impact on Hippos-Sussita – Neta Wechsler and Shmuel Marco

Ptolemaic Fortress overlooking Wadi Ruqqad in the Southern Golan Heights – Enno Bron and Oren Zingboym

A Military Portrait of Hippos: From Ptolemaic Fortress to Seleucid Polis – Michael Eisenberg

Roman Bathhouses of Antiochia Hippos and the Decapolis – Arleta Kowalewska and Michael Eisenberg

The Mint of Antiochia Hippos (Sussita) – Yaniv Schauer

The Common Local Pottery of Hippos in the Roman Period – Mechael Osband