Children and Family

ילדים בסדנה במוזיאוןילדים בסדנה במוזיאוןMuseum and Summer workshops for children

Workshops are held during the summer holidays.
The workshops deal with diverse topics related to the archaeological findings in the museum.
Workshops, theater, games, decoding and more.

More details are published around a month before the workshop date.

Pre-registration is needed.

Birthdays at the museum:
A birthday celebration in a magical atmosphere. All the festivities include a meeting with an actor, decoding puzzles and theater performances with the children.
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Muses in the museum

Shabbat culture for children. Theater plays for children and the whole family are held once a month on Saturday mornings during the winter months. After each play, a meeting with early exhibitors from the museum's collection call the theme of the play. We will end the discourse in the exhibition with an activity and work that matches the theme.

Storytelling hours inside the museum in the vicinity of works of art and archaeological finds. Activities include art, music and poetry. Once a month on Tuesdays.

For the upcoming events in the museum please see our Calender