Serusier Louis Paul Henri

B. Paris, 1863 - d. Finistere, 1927

Still Life with Onions (1896)Still Life with Onions (1896)Serusier, a French artist and art theoretician, studied at the Académie Julian in Paris. In 1888, he stayed in Pont-Aven, where he met Gaugin. Back in Paris, he formed the Nabis, a group of artists who combined Symbolist aesthetics with Art Nouveau undulating lines and Impressionist colors. Due to his theoretical inclinations, Sérusier was more conscious of his attitude toward pictorial structure than others in the group.

For him, art was the sanctification of nature and the picture plane was "essentially a flat surface covered by colors arranged in a certain order." He was the spokesman for Symbolist aesthetics and its most consistent representative.

Apple Trees in Blossom or Blue Roofs (1891)Apple Trees in Blossom or Blue Roofs (1891)

Still Life with a Soup Tureen (1900)Still Life with a Soup Tureen (1900)