Learning Center

The Hecht Museum Learning Center serves as a link between the museum and its visitors

The purpose of the Learning Center is to bring the archaeological and artistic findings, with all their broad significance, into the world of young and adult visitors. The museum does this through a variety of activities on topics related to archeology, history, biblical, Israeli heritage and art and encounters that combine these areas.

The Learning Center hosts a variety of tutorials, activities and creative workshops throughout the year, during the holidays and summer. Among the activities are a selection of activities for the whole family, birthday celebrations, storytelling hours and a series of children's shows "Muses in the Museum", after which there is a discussion in exhibitions with the children. The activities are tailored to a variety of ages: preschoolers, elementary, middle, and upper secondary students. Special activities were developed for gifted students as well as students in special education settings.

The museum, located on the University of Haifa campus, also serves as a study and research center for students and academic staff from a variety of circles. The instructors, the centerpiece of the Learning Center are academics from a variety of university circles, including: archeology, the Department of Maritime Civilizations, Art, Eretz-Israel Studies and Special Education.

The Learning Center also sees the importance of theater as a tool for enhancing the musical experience and therefore, in a large part of the activities, actors, students from the university's theater department are also integrated.

Children activity in the art department
The Hecht Museum's Learning and Creation Center's curricula incorporate individual activity, group work, exploration, and historical theater. The wide variety of methods applied in each of the activities gives participants an experience that encourages curiosity and development of thinking. Some of the activities are tailored to the Ministry of Education curriculum, while other programs are intended to expand the horizons.

The Learning Center strives to constantly evolve and innovate in accordance with the dynamic needs that arise within the various educational system and communities across all its different styles, people and cultures.


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To coordinate activities, contact the Hecht Museum Learning and Creation Center on Sundays through Thursdays from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

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