Hecht AuditoriumHecht Auditorium

As part of the expansion of the museum, a grand auditorium which contains 380 seats was built in the new wing.

Dr. Hecht, a man of culture, hoped that the auditorium would serve as a center for cultural events in the museum. The new auditorium compliments the atmosphere and the special nature of the museum, a place that combines archeology and art.The auditorium can be accommodated acoustica

lly for both lectures and musical performances by using special cabinets that were installed on the walls for both lectures and musical performances.

Concert in Hecht AuditoriumConcert in Hecht Auditorium


The Organ
Before his death, Dr. Hecht purchased an antique pipe organ, which he intended to place in the planned auditorium. The uniqueness of this organ comes from its restoration: it is composed of three members of organs a century and a half years old, which were dismantled years ago and stored in the cellars of the Franciscan church in the Old City of Jerusalem. The organ was restored by Gideon Shamir, musician and organ builder, who worked for seven years in the construction and completion of the organ. 

The organThe organ


The organ is about seven and a half meters long, five meters high, and weighs eight tons is comprised of 1,800 organ pipes, whose length ranges from a few centimeters to three meters, 33 registers, two keyboards, and a pedal. The organ tones reflect the tradition, quality, tonal richness, and romantic style of organs of the previous century. 


The auditorium holds conferences, seminars, concerts, plays, and more.
For more information or to coordinate an event at the museum, you can contact the museum by e-mail or by phone at 04-8240308. We will be happy to assist you.