Depictions of Animals from the Leo Mildenberg Collection (1999)

'Couched as a lion ... who shall rouse him up' (Genesis 49: 9)
Curators: Ofra Rimon and Rachel Shchori

Depictions of Animals from the Leo Mildenberg CollectionDepictions of Animals from the Leo Mildenberg Collection


Leo Mildenberg
The Neo-Assyrian Lion Head and the Birth of Coinage
Dani Nadel- Hunters, Graves, and Art: Animal Bones in Prehistoric Sites in Israel
Nili Shupak- Animal Drawings in Ancient Egypt: The Worlds First 'Mickey Mouse'
Sonia Klinger- Animals in Greek Art
Silvia Rozenberg- The Depiction of Animals in Wall Paintings of the Second Temple Period
Rivka Gersht- Animals in Roman Sculpture
Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom- Animals on Roman Lamps
Miriam Avissar- Depictions of Animals in the Mosaic Floor from Lod
Tova Forti- Animals in the Book of Proverbs
Sophia Menache- Dogs in Classical Tradition

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