Michmanim 9

Mutual Influences of Peoples and Cultures in the Ancient Near East

Michael Heltzer: Preface View
Zafrira Ben-Barak: Mutual Influences in the Ancient Near East: Inheritance as a Case in Point
Gernot Wilhelm: The Hurrians in the Western Parts of the Ancient Near East
Michael Heltzer: The "Unification" of Weight and Measure Systems in Foreign Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean (1500-700 BCE) View
Amnon Altman: Reconsideration of the Trade Relations between Mesopotamia and Canaan during the Middle Bronze Age
Pinhas Artzi: Nabalkutu: "to Change Allegiance": A Sample from the Political Vocabulary of the "West" in the Mid-Second Millennium BCE as Reflected in Cuneiform and Biblical Documents
Adam Zertal: Archaeologistical Evidence of the Contacts between Canaan and Anatolia in the Middle Bronze II Period
Jacob Klein: The Marriage of Martu: The Urbanization of "Barbaric" Nomads
Ran Zadok: A Prosopography and Ethno-Linguistic Characterization of Southern Canaan in the Second Millennium BCE
David Weisberg: Esarhaddon and Egypt: A Preliminary Investigation