Michmanim 8

Eretz Israel in the Byzantine Period - Aspects of Settlement

Yoram Tsafir: The Peak of Settlement in Byzantine Palestine: The Archaeological Evidence and the Literary Sources
Arie Issar and Dorit Makover-Levin: Flourishing and Abandonment of the Desert Settlements During the Roman-Byzantine Period: 'A Climatic Change' Point of View
Rehav Rubin: Climate Versus the Human Factor: The Rise and the Fall of Byzantine Negev Settlement
Leah Di Segni: The Role of the Local and Regional Authorities in Building in Provincial Palestine and Arabia
Josef Patrich: The Monastic Systems of Chariton, Gerasimus and Sabas in the Judean Dessert
Yaakov Ashkenazi: Pagan Worship in Palestine During the Byzantine Period
Yizhar Hirshfeld: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land During the Reign of Justinian in Light of the Excavations on Mt. Berenice, Tiberias
Zeev Weiss and Ehud Netzer: Archaeological Finds from the Byzantine Period at Sepphoris
Gaby Mazor and Rachel Bar-Nathan: Dionysus and Theosebius, Two Citizens of the City of Scythopolis
Avner Raban: Byzantine Caesarea - A Different City on an Ever-Changing Coastline
Yigal Israel The Economy of the Gaza-Ashkelon Region in the Byzantine Period in the Light of the Archaeological
Survey and Excavations of the '3rd Mile Estate' near Ashkelon
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