Michmanim 26

The Archaeo-zoological Research

English abstracts of the Hebrew articles:
Guy Bar-Oz and Lior Weissbrod: Guy Bar-Oz and Lior Weissbrod
Reuven Yeshurun: The Broad Spectrum Revolution: Preagricultural Shifts in Human Hunting Patterns
Liora Kolska Horwitz: Something Happened on the Way to the Dairy: The Process of Animal Domestication in the Israeli Record
Nimrod Marom: The Diffusion of Domesticated Animals in Eurasia
Ram Bouchnick: Changes in Meat Dissection Patterns in Late Second Temple Judea as a Cultural Roman Marker of Jewish Ritual Cuisine
Hadas Motro: Horses in Archaeological Sites in Israel: An Overview
Omri Lernau: Ancient Fish Bones: What Can They Tell Us?
Inbar Ktalav: Commerce and Recycling During the Medieval Period and the Late Ottoman Period as Reflected in Archaeomalacological Research