Michmanim 24

The Great Sea - Bridge Between Peoples and Cultures

Michal Artzy: The Importance of the Anchorages of the Carmel Coast in the Trade Networks During the Late Bronze Period
Rika Navri: The Dor 2006 Shipwreck: Preliminary Report
English abstracts of the Hebrew articles:
Assaf Yasur-Landau and Inbal Samet: Migration, Trade and Variation in Middle Bronze Age Drinking Traditions
Nadav Kashtan: The Sailing Routes of Herod: Between Judaea and Rome
Yaacov Kahanov: Sailing Against the Prevailing Wind in the Mediterranean: The Voyages of Synesius in 404 CE and Ibn Jubayr in 1184 CE
Jacob Sharvit, Dror Planer and Bridget Buxton: Preliminary Findings from Archaeological Excavations Along the Foot of the Southern Seawall at Akko, 2008-2012
Eyal Israeli: Tantura E Shipwreck: Hull Structure and Reconstruction
Ofra Barkai: Tantura F – An Early Islamic Period Shipwreck: The Hull and the Cargo
Diego Barkan: Everyday Life on Board a Byzantine Ship Based on the Finds in the Dor 2006 Shipwreck