Michmanim 22

Workshops in Antiquity – Arts and Crafts

Silvia Rozenberg – On Wall Painting Workshops in the Land of Israel
Sonia Klinger – A Late Etruscan Black-Figure Hydria in the Hecht Museum Collection
English abstracts of the Hebrew articles:
Ronny Reich – Pliny the Elder's 'Natural History' as a Source for the Study of Workshops in the Classical Era
Adi Erlich – Hellenistic and Roman Terracotta Figurines from Tel Dor: Production, Imports and Imitation
Peter Gendelman and Rivka Gersht – Crafts and Craftsmen in Roman and Byzantine Caesarea
David Amit – The Manufacture of Stone Vessels in Jerusalem and the Galilee: Technological, Chronological and Typological Aspects
Lihi Habas – The Identification of Mosaic Workshops in the Region of Esbus and Philadelphia (Amman) in Transjordan
Hebrew abstracts of the English articles