Michmanim 20

New Discoveries in the Research of Ancient Synagogues

* Jodi Magness: The Date of the Synagogue at Chorazin
* English Abstracts of the Hebrew Articles
Ronny Reich: Centenary of Heinrich Kohl and Carl Watzinger's Excavations of Ancient Galilean Synagogues View
Ehud Netzer: A Synagogue in Jericho from the Hasmonean Period
David Amit: Village Synagogues from the Second Temple Period
Mordechai Aviam: The Ancient Synagogues at Bir'am
Gideon Foerster: Has there indeed been a "Revolution" in the dating of the Galilean Synagogues?
Chaim Ben David: The Golan Synagogues – New Observations
Yehoshua Dray, Ilana Gonen and Chaim Ben-David: The Technological Aspect of the Umn el-Kanatir Synagogue Excavation
Zeev Weiss: The Zodiac in Ancient Synagogue Art
Hebrew Abstract of the English Article