Michmanim 13

Illness and Healing in Ancient Times

Ofra Rimon: Preface View
Menahem Luz: Ancient Medicine and Philosophy: Twin Professions
Yulia Ustinova: Treating Madness with Madness: The Greek Corybantes
Baruch Arensburg: Pathology and Demography in Biblical Times
Joe Zias: Health and Healing in the Land of Israel - A Paleopathological Perspective
Michael Heltzer: International Medical Exchange in the Ancient Near East View
Ernst Kunzl: Roman Medical Tools According to Archaeological Sources
Abstracts View
Hebrew Abstracts of the English Articles
Ephraim David: The Status of Physicians in Classical Greece
Rivka Gersht: Isis and Serapis, the Healers
Assi Albert Cicurel and Shifra Shvarts: Stuttering in Antiquity - Three Cases
Eran Dolev: Military Medicine in the Byzantine Empire, a Commentary
Moshe Feinsod: Head Injuries in the Bible
Estee Dvorjetski Air Pollution and Public Health in the Days of The Second Temple, The Mishna and the Talmud
Gaby Mazor and Rachel Bar-Natan: Public Hygiene and Public Baths In Nysa Scythopolis
Ofra Guri-Rimon: A Fine Surgical Knife from the Roman Period, in the Hecht Museum Collection, University of Haifa