Michmanim 11

Various Aspects of the Phoenicians' Civilization

Ofra Rimon: Preface View
Ephraim Stern: Ephraim Stern
Moshe Prausnitz: The Stratigraphy and Ceramic Typology of Iron-Age Tombs at Akhziv
Ze'ev Herzog: Phoenician Occupation at Tel Michal: The Problem of Identifying Ethnic-National Groups from Archaeological Assemblages
English Abstracts of the Hebrew Articles
Avner Raban: The Phoenician Harbours in the Levant
Michael Helzer: On the Origin of the Near Eastern Archaeological Amber
Christoph Uehlinger: The Seal of Ahab, King of Israel?
Diethelm Conrad: Two Figurine Heads and their Parallels
Abstracts View