Hoards and Genizot as Chapters in History

Hoards and Genizot as Chapters in History
Ofra Rimon:    Preface
Raz Kletter:    Hoards and Hoarders BCE
Omry Barzilai and Nigel A. Goring-Morris:    Bidirectional Blade and Tool Caches from the PPNB in the Southern Levant
Yardenna Alexandre:    An Iron II Silver Hoard from 'En Hofez, near Tel Joqne'am
Raz Kletter:    A View from the Pit
Boaz Zissu and Hanan Eshel:    Coins and Hoards from the Time of the Bar Kokhba Revolt
Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom:    Roman and Late Antique Hoards of Silver Tableware as Status Symbol
Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom:    A Forgotten Treasure – The Secrets of the Mampsis Hoard
Jacob Sharvit:    Coin Hoards from Byzantine Shipwreck Assemblages Off the Israeli Mediterranean Coast
Nili Ahipaz:    Floor Foundation Coin Deposits in Byzantine-Period Synagogues
Zvi Uri Ma‘oz:    The Genizah in the Deir ‘Aziz Synagogue on the Golan Heights
Orit Shamir and Alisa Baginski:    Textiles Treasure from Jericho Cave 38 in the Qarantal Cliff
Edna J. Stern:    A Crusader Period Hoard of Marble Spolia
Efraim Lev:    The Cairo Genizah as an Important Source for the Study of Practical and Theoretical Medicine in Medieval Eastern Societies
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