The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum Collection - C

Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum - The Art Collection

Lydia Gurov

The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum Collection - C
The 170-page, bilingual (Hebrew/English) catalog with 50 color plates contains a detailed discussion of 82 works by 40 artists such as Manet, Monet, Pissarro, Sisley, Van-Gogh, Struck, Israels, Soutine, Modigliani and others. The works of art that presently comprise the Hecht collection mainly consist of two groups. The first and larger group deals with many of the major aspects and styles of French painting from 1830 to 1930. The focal point of the collection is Impressionism. Included are not only a number of important examples of Impressionist painting, but also works illustrative of attitudes in painting that led up to this movement, as well as those that resulted from it. A second and smaller group of paintings focuses upon Jewish art from the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century from Northern and Eastern Europe. This part of the collection includes works on paper, drawings, and prints. These works were collected by Dr. Reuben Hecht over several decades, until his death in 1993, and are now on permanent display in the Art Wing at the Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa.
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