One Thousand Nights and Days - Akko through the Ages

Curators: Ann E. Killebrew and Vered Raz-Romeo

One Thousand Nights and Days - Akko through the Ages
Ofra Rimon:    Preface
Ann E. Killebrew and Vered Raz-Romeo:    Akko’s Shared Heritage
Michal Artzy and Ron Beeri:    Tel Akko
Ron Beeri:    The Funerary and Ancestor Worship Characteristics that Can be Identified in the Archaeological Finds of Tel Akko
Yotam Tepper:    A Pagan Cemetery from the Roman Period at the Foot of Tel Akko: Evidence of the Burial of Roman Soldiers and Citizens of Colonia Ptolemais
Eliezer Stern and Hanaa Abu-Uqsa:    New Archaeological Discoveries from Crusader Period Acre
Adrian J. Boas:    Daily Life in Frankish Acre
Edna J. Stern:    Ceramics as a Reflection of the Maritime Commercial Activity at Crusader Acre
Yael Fuhrmann-Na’aman:    Conservation of the Knights Hospitaller Compound
Danny Syon:    The Mint of Akko through the Ages
Anastasia Shapiro:    Ottoman Period Tobacco Smoking Pipes and Nagile Heads from Excavations in the Old City of Akko
Deborah Cvikel and Yaacov Kahanov:    Underwater Excavations at Akko
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