The Great Revolt in the Galilee

Curator: Ofra Rimon

The Great Revolt in the Galilee
Ofra Rimon:    Preface View
Uriel Rappaport:    The Great Revolt: An Overview View
Jack Pastor:    Jewish Galilee – Aspects of Ethnicity, Society and Economy View
Rafael Frankel:    Corn, Wine and Oil – Food Processing and Food Processing Installations in the Galilee in the First Century CE
Yuval Shachar:    Comparable Elements between the Galilee and Judea in the Great Revolt
Mordechai Aviam:    The Fortified Settlements of Josephus Flavius and Their Significance against the Background of the Excavations of Yodefat and Gamla
Danny Syon:     "City of Refuge" – The Archaeological Evidence of the Revolt at Gamla
Pnina Stern:    Justus of Tiberias and the Great Revolt
Yardenna Alexandre:    The Archaeological Evidence of the Great Revolt at Karm er-Ras (Kfar Kanna) in the Lower Galilee
Israel Shatzman:    Vespasian and the Conquest of the Galilee: The Performance of a Roman General in War
Renate Rosental-Haginbottom:    The Material Culture of the Roman Army
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