Ohalo II

A 23,000-Year-Old Fisher-Hunter-Gatherers' Camp on the Sea of Galilee

Curator: Dani Nadel

Ohalo II
David Gordon    Around the Bonfire 23,000 Years Ago
Dani Nadel    A Camp on the Shore of the Lake
Israel Hershkovitz    The Inhabitants of Ohalo II
Mordechai Kislev, Orit Simchoni, and Ehud Weiss    Reconstruction of the Landscape, Human Economy, and Hut Use According to Seeds and Fruit Remains from Ohalo II
Rivka Rabinovich    The Mammal Bones: Environment, Food and Tools
Irit Zohar    Fish and Fishing at Ohalo II
Tal Simmons    The Birds from Ohalo II
Miriam Belmaker     The Small Mammals from Ohalo II and the Environment, "Our Mice that Mar the Land" (Samuel 1, VI:5)
Daniella Bar-Yosef Mayer    The Use of Mollusc Shells by Fisher-Hunter-Gatherers at Ohalo II
Dani Nadel, Tujan Ghraiev, and Hanan Halabi    The Flint Assemblage
Yossi Zaidner    Double-notched Pebbles from Ohalo II: The Earliest Evidence for the Use of Net Sinkers in the Levant
Shmuel Belitzky    The Evolution of Environment and Relief Around the Ohalo II Prehistoric Site
Alexander Tastskin    Geoarchaeology of a Prehistoric Campsite on the Shore of Lake Kinneret
Dani Nadel    Society and Ritual
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