Illness and Healing in Ancient Times

Curator: Ofra Rimon

Illness and Healing in Ancient Times
Ofra Rimon    Preface
Nili Shupak    ' And Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father’ (Genesis 50:2): The Physicians in the Joseph Story
Rivka Gerst    Gods of Medicine in the Greek and Roman World
Joe Zias     Health and Healing in the Land of Israel - A Paleopathological Perspective
Karl Reinhard and Peter Warnock     Archaeoparasitiology and the Analysis of the Latrine Pit Soils from the City of David
Joseph Naveh     Illnesses and Amulets in Antiquity
David Flusser    Qumeran and Medicine
Samuel S. Kottek     Demons and Diseases in Bible and Talmud
Esti Dvorjetski     Properties of Therapeutic Baths in Eretz-Israel in Antiquity
Yaakov Ashkenazi     Church Involvement in Medical Services in Byzantine Eretz-Israel
Zohar Amar    Medicinal Substances in Eretz-Israel in the Time of the Bible, the Mishnah and the Talmud in Light of Written Sources
Ofra Rimon    Surgical Instruments from the Roman Period
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