Caesarea - A Mercantile City by the Sea

Curator: Rachel Shakouri

Caesarea - A Mercantile City by the Sea
Avner Raban    Caesarea and Its Harbors
Joseph Patrich     The Warehouse (Horrea) of Caesarea in Light of the New Excavations
Yosef Porath     Recycling of Urban Waste in Ancient Times: An Example from Excavations at Caesarea
Rony Toueg    The Urban Plan of Arab Caesarea as a Result of Commercial Activity (640-1,101)
Yael Arnon    The Commercial Activity of Caesarea during the Early Islamic and Crusader Periods (640-1,265) According to the Ceramic Evidence
Israel Roll     Roman Roads to Caesarea Maritima
Rivka Gersht     The Importation of Sculpture to Caesarea
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