The Reuben and Edith Hecht Collection - A

Ancient Means of Exchange, Weights and Coins

Ya’akov Meshorer

The Reuben and Edith Hecht Collection - A
The 200-page, bilingual (Hebrew/English) catalog contains a detailed discussion of some 800 ancient means of payment, weights, and coins found in the collection of the Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa.
Ancient Means of Exchange    
    Weights Used to Weigh Pre-Coinage Currency
    Stone Weights from Judah, Israelite II Period
    Weights from the Hellenistic and Roman Periods
    The Persian Period: Persia, Greece, Phoenicia, Gaza and Carthage
    Jewish Coins
    Coins from the Early Hellenistic Period
    Jewish Coins Struck in Jerusalem under Ptolemaic Rule
    Coins Under Seleucid Rule
    The Hasmonaean Coins
    Coins of the Herodian Dynasty
    Coins of the Roman Procurators in Judaea
    Coins from the Jewish War Against the Romans
    The Judaea Capta Coins and Coins of the Roman
Administration in Judaea between the Jewish War and the Bar-Kokhba War
    Coins of the Bar-Kokhba War
    City Coins from Eretz-Israel
    Additional Coins
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