The Hecht Museum for archaeology and art inaugurated a modern, elegant auditorium in 1998. The auditorium hosts conferences and cultural events such as concerts, dance recitals, and plays in an intimate setting.
The Pipe Organ
Note should be made of the auditorium's acoustic properties, which are designed to provide perfect sound quality for either lectures or musical performances. This is achieved through the use of special acoustic cupboards installed on the wall and that can be adjusted according to the requirements of the event. The fully equipped 380-seat auditorium provides light, sound, and audio-visual systems.

A special feature of the auditorium is its pipe organ. The organ was built from parts of old organs dating back 100-150 years. These organs originated in England, Italy, Germany, and Holland, and were used in churches in Israel. This is the largest pipe organ functioning in a secular facility in Israel.

The pipe organ was built in Israel by the organ builder, Mr. Gideon Shamir. See more details.