Jewish Art from Mid-19th to Early 20th Century
Jozef Budko
Jozef Budko (1880-1940)
Erev Yom Kippur (1931), water color
Jozef Israels
Jozef Israels (1824-1911)
News from the Dutch Indies, oil on canvas
Jakob Steinhardt
Jakob Steinhardt (1887-1968)
Levana Benchen (1920), oil on canvas
Hermann Struck
Hermann Struck (1876-1944)
Portrait of Theodor Herzl (1903), etching

The second group of paintings in the Hecht Collection includes several works by the Jewish-Dutch painter Jozef Israels, who is considered one of the founders of the "Hague School" of painting.

The other works of Jewish art in this group are all by German and Eastern European artists. Some of these artists, such as Hermann Struck, Jakob Steinhardt, and Jozef Budko, immigrated to Israel and took part in the process of the crystallization of Israeli art.