Karl (Tobiasz) Haber

Born in Lutomiersk, Poland (1885 - 1943)

While living in Lodz, Karl Haber worked as an artist's model, and subsequently started painting himself. He left for Paris and lived and worked there for a while, but returned to Lodz sometime in the 1930s.

Following the German invasion, Haber moved to Bialystok and worked as a teacher until the Germans arrived there. In the Bialystok Ghetto, Haber worked in the Oskar Stephens workshop, where he was forced to copy paintings by well-known masters.

Karl Haber died in the Bialystok Ghetto in August 1943.

Karl (Tobiasz) Haber
Karl (Tobiasz) Haber
Woman with Dark Hair
oil on canvas, 61x46 cm.