Leon Weissberg

Born in Przeworsk (Galicia), Poland (1895 - 1943)

Leon Weissberg received a traditional Jewish education and studied in the art academies of Vienna and Munich from 1914-15. In 1923, he arrived in Paris, where he primarily painted Parisian cityscapes, flower compositions, and circus scenes. Leon Weissberg exhibited regularly in the various salons of Paris, and in 1929 he exhibited his noteworthy painting, "The Jewish Bride," in Galerie Bonaparte.

After the occupation of Paris, he escaped to the free zone in the south of France, but was arrested in February 1943, interned in the concentration camp in Gurs, and deported to a death camp on March 6, 1943.
In 1980, an extensive catalog of Leon Weissberg’s known works was published in Paris.

For More Information: http://www.leonweissberg.fr

Leon Weissberg
Leon Weissberg
Portrait of Man Sitting (Franz Kafka)
oil on canvas, 93x74 cm.