Middle Canaanite 1 Period
During this period, urban culture flourished once more in the Land of Israel and the political structure of the Canaanite city-states was revived. In the northern regions, there were recognizable signs of the cultural influence of a new population that penetrated from the coastal areas of Lebanon and Syria; in the southern regions, there were obvious indications of Egyptian influence, which arose from commercial and political relations with Egypt.
These newcomers, who were nomads or semi-nomads, occupied the marginal areas of the Land of Israel and left only feeble traces of settlement. However, they did leave numerous graves and cemeteries, which have yielded funeral offerings such as jewelry, clay vessels, tools, and weapons made of metal. The relatively large number of metal utensils attests to the technological achievements of the people of that period, who were able to utilize bronze alloy.

Clay vessel and stone beads necklace
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